Monday, June 27, 2011

The Remarkable Story of a Young Man Who Heard God Calling!

Jacob Eubanks is packing to return to Africa! The folks in his church, Saint James UMC, are working hard to raise the funds to support Jacob in his mission to provide clean water for 50 villages in Zambia. Here is Jacob's account of his call and his mission:

In November 2010, a small team from our church went to Zambia to do some scouting to see what our church could do to help the church there. Little did we know that what we saw would change our lives forever. We knew that there was a need for clean, safe water wells, but we had no clue what the scope of the need was. We saw people getting water from the most unimaginable sources, from the filthiest, opaque water from hand dug wells, to crocodile-infested rivers or holes beside a Black Mamba den where every bucket is a gamble, to water sources miles away from people’s huts that they retrieved 5 gallons at a time. And we knew that this was just the start of the problem, as the water they spent so much time getting and often risked their lives to get, was full of bacteria, parasites, and diseases. You can hear about it all day, but when you see it first-hand, it messes with your world.
On the plane ride back from Zambia, I heard God’s call more clearly than I ever have and probably ever will, telling me that He had placed everything I needed to do something about this problem in my hands already, and all I would have to do to make it happen is sell everything I own and pack up and move to Zambia. Well, since you put it like that….. I’ll go.
Through the prayerful guidance of an awesome advisory board, the ministry that is Water282 was formed. A ministry that is poised to continue long after my initial trip to Zambia.

To learn more about how you can support Jacob with prayer and donations, go online to

Encourage Jacob by sending him a message that you will pray for him! I have the joy of being one of his pastors!

Walter Albritton, sjc